NodetailsclientContract Commencement DateContract Completion Date
1Construction New oil pipeBechtel Co.01/08/200301/10/2003
2Supply & laying PVC water pipe- 10km long diameter 220mm. in Al- Hartha districtCaritas lraq03/01/200423/04/2004
3Tank constructionCaritas lraq17/12/200305/01/2004
4Supply & installation new water meter with valve on Basra water pipe net workMott Macdonald01/05/200401/12/2004
5Clean the Rivers in AL – Najeebya 9 km longSave the children10/06/200401/09/2004
6Repair leakage water pipe network for Al qibla districtMott Macdonald01/02/200520/05/2005
7Rehabilitation Basra university swimming poolMott Macdonald01/02/200510/04/2005
8Construal new youth centre in Al- Dyer districtSave the children10/02/200515/05/2005
9Building new Chemistry College in Basra universityBasra university11/12/200404/04/2006
10Laying new water pipe network for Al Qibla districtBasra government05/01/200526/02/2006
11Building new clinicSave the children21/03/200517/03/2006
12R Zero Tank rehabilition and pipeMott Macdonald28/12/2006
13Rehabilitation and Paving Arcadian roadBasra government06/12/200615/12/2007
14Rehabilitation and paving of Road Ahmad Bn AliBasra government08/12/200613/07/2007
15Paving the Hour AL Saad roads at Al QurnaBasra government16/04/200702/03/2008
16Rehabilitaion and paving Road Huseaneyat Abu Al Fathel at Ez Aldean saleem townBasra government03/05/200712/01/2008
17Installing Al Najeebyah Sub Station pumps for sewerageMott MaCdonald23/08/200707/09/2008
18Laying & pavement new Roads in Al Hayaniah districtBasra government12/09/200814/02/2010
19Reinstate and pavement (Turaba St.) long 12Km with construct small bridge length 30mBasra government01/10/200905/08/2011
20Construct new electrical Network for Arota Al Qurna districtBasra government01/12/200712/12/2008
21Construct new electrical Network for Shalha Gebashi- Al QurnaBasra government12/02/200903/03/2011
22Construct new electrical Network in Al GubailahMott Macdonald12/05/200601/07/2007
23Pavement Al M'aaqal RoadMott Mac15/03/200704/06/2008
24Pavement Al Alarab Mosque RoadMott Mac20/03/200706/12/2008
25Pavement Al Cemetery RoadMott Mac25/03/200714/07/2009
26Rehabilitation of electricity Distribution network at Al BahooMott Mac12/03/200712/05/2008
27Material supplying and paving with asphalt to Basra central garageTransporatation projects Co.12/08/201115/02/2012
28Rehabilitation of Zubair swimming pool in BasraMinisrty of youth20/02/201107/05/2012
29Rehabilitation of Korneesh street in BasraBasra Government14/05/201104/08/2012
30Creating road of Al Mehyat in Imam Sadiq district with 8 km longMinistry of youth12/02/200105/10/2012
31Creating roads and sewerage network in Hay Al Askary in Fhood districtDhi Qar Governorate03/03/201202/01/2015
32Tank constractionsBasra Government06/04/201212/03/2015
33Engineering and design of Al Sinedya districtBasra Government03/07/201206/06/2015
34Creating roads and sewerage network in Hay Al Shuhadaa in Shatra districtDhi Qar Governorate12/09/201213/10/2015
35Supplying 132kV switch gears (20 bays)Basra Government14/03/201323/04/2015
37Creating road of Al Mehyat in Imam Sadiq district with 8 km longMinistry of youth12/02/200105/10/2012
39Purchasing raw matreais in batch plant and construction siteCPP21/01/202121/01/2023

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