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Global Maintenance: – is an integrated services package provided by the company targeting the sustain preservation and optimum regularity of client assets up to its mission-ready operational conditions, with ultimate care to minimize cost, optimize quality, eliminate/reduce HSE-related risks, limit equipment failure costs and boost consistency with operational requirements.

Scope work: –

  • Maintenance Portfolio Management.
  • Competent skilled engineers and technicians.
  • Maintenance Tools and Requirements.
  • Maintenance Material (e.g. spare parts, consumed material, and fabricated material … etc.).
  • Overhauls and turnaround activities.
  • Supporting services (scaffolding, lifting operation, insulation, painting, and NDT, equipment, etc.).
  • Workshops operation activities.

Construction & Modification

  • EPC Projects: NZ has been committed to provide services to its major clients EPC for Projects   has the resources, technical capabilities and systems to meet the demands of medium or small-scale projects for both Onshore & Offshore applications, Gas plant Project, Power Station &Distribution network project, Pipeline laying, Gas compression and Other EPC Projects.

Scope Work: –

Pipelines: –

  • NZ has covered almost all of the oil & gas sector needs, which is one of the company’s main objectives.
  • Engineering for Pipelines & Flow lines, Pipeline laying, Fabrication & Construction.
  • Hydro-Test, Nitrogen Purging, Degassing and Freeing.
  • Commissioning leak test & Gaseous Leak Test (CLT & GLT). Crude Oil Shipping Services.
  • Chemical Cleaning.
  • Intelligent Pigging Service.                                                                              Heat Exchangers: –  
    • A specialized team been formed to deal with heat exchangers. The team is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology to assure job accomplishment in the most effective manner.
    • Our company is capable of delivering professional services in the maintenance of heat exchangers in several sites also dealing with all types and sizes of exchangers for e.g.: (double pipe, shell & tube, plate type, air coolers, etc….).


    Boiler: –

    • NZ able to execute projects by self-effort include (Engineering, Fabrication, Demolishing and Erection).
    • We are pioneer company in boiler revamping field (Coils Fabrication and Erection) due to the high quality of our modern machines.

    NZ Boilers Activities: –

    • Reverse Engineering for all boiler tubes (dimensions and required tools for fabrication).
    • Demolishing of the old tubes taking into consideration the HSE requirements.
    • Fabricating of coils typical as the original coils.
    • Erecting of new coils in the boiler drums and making the required tests.
    • All E & l related boiler controls (Control Panels – BMS-Instrumentation).

Fabrication Workshop

Fabrication workshop is a dedicated area to carry fabrication process of sheet metal and structural. The workshop will be equipped with the most modern machineries required to undertake full process of general fabrication like cutting, shearing, shaping, forming, bending, hole punching/drilling, welding, Non-Destructive testing, sandblasting and coating application.

All work is monitored, inspected/tested and recorded from receiving of raw materials until a product is ready for delivery under qualified Quality Control system.

Scope Work: –

  • Piping Spools, Manifolds, Pig Launchers and Receivers.
  • Pressure Vessels/Separators.
  • API 650 shop tanks.
  • Shop Welded Tanks to API 12F.Pipe racks and Skid Modules.
  • Port cabinets and survival Modules.
  • Steel sheds and building.
  • Flare Stacks, and Columns.
  • Hoppers and Silos.
  • Chutes and Formworks.
  • Complex structural steel and frames.
  • Sandblasting and Coating Application.

Special Services

  • Pre-commissioning: commissioning and plant shutdown activities contributes major segment of  NZ specialized services provision Supported by its own well proven soft wares for unique documented products.


Scope of Work: –


Pre-commissioning teams are disciplined based on (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrument, Piping, etc.) supervising and implementing pre–commissioning activities for each disciplined. The team leaders may be nominated on-site and are responsible for implementing the pre-commissioning activities as per pre-commissioning plan and ensuring their disciplined documentation requirements are fulfilled


Commissioning: –

  • IS main part of activities are undertaking turnkey pre-commissioning and commissioning projects, or partial contribution with other contractors as per the Client requirements. Whatever the case, we have the technology, and the experience to complete our assignments to the expectation of Clients.

Shutdown: –

  • NZ has its dedicated shutdown team that masters the unique and specific nature of the shutdown and turn around activities, this leads to reducing the preparation time, collecting historical information, retaining this information for future reference and optimizing the resources utilization.

Scaffolding, Painting, Insulating (SPI) and Cathodic Protection

NZ has its dedicated teams for Scaffolding, Painting & Insulation. Team members are multi-disciplined certified engineers and technicians with hands-on experience in the oil and gas field. They are familiar with all safety procedures and can easily adopt to different customers HSE regulations.

Scope of Work: –


  • Scaffolding is one of NZ specialized activities, NZ scaffolding team is capable to deal with all scaffolding systems, carry out all scaffolding types following scaffolding procedures based on the international spices (BS, OSHA, EN…).
  • NZ have high standard scaffolding material tested, inspected to the international standards.
  • All manpower is well selected, trained, highly qualified and certified, in addition to internationally certified scaffolding inspectors.


  • NZ painting team, are capable to deal with all type of painting system, painting procedures and follow up the most specific specification for new construction or maintenance especially for life plants
  • Painting equipment are owned by NZ, of a high standard, and subjected to very strict maintenance program to keep the availability and reliability in the highest level and matched with life plants requirements tested and certified. NZ selective man power are well trained, and highly qualified, specially painting engineers’ “inspectors” they are managerially and technically competent and internationally certified

Insulation (Hot, Cold, Sound and Hygienic)

  • NZ team have their own mobile workshops, included all required fabrication tools, machine and equipment’s.


  • NZ manpower are very selective, experience, competent, trained and highly qualified.
  • NZ insulation team is compliant with the latest international and they are capable to deal with any international Specification Standards and procedure.
  • NZ insulation team are capable to carry out any volume of work during S/D, normal maintenance or new construction.

Cathodic Protection: –

We can take your project from initial site survey and design through to installation, commissioning and testing. CP team offers the following services:

  • Feasibility, Economic Studies & Site Investigations.
  • Consultancy, Specialist Advice & Training.
  • Planning, Project Designs, Project Management.
  • Materials Supply, Installation, Supervision & Commissioning.
  • Cost Estimates, Specifications & Bills of Materials.

Chemical Cleaning services

  • Oil & Gas equipment need periodically Cleaned to get rid of the deposits accumulating on its internal & external surfaces due to normal process and environment. Traditional cleaning methods did not prove to be safe to personnel nor friendly to environment adding to its corrosiveness to equipment.

NZ, in collaboration with one of the world leader manufacturers, is introducing an advanced chemical cleaning service utilizing benign chemicals, safe to users, environment friendly & non corrosive to the equipment.

Scope of Work

  • NZ used internationally recognized chemicals produced by Eurocorpex; Kirasol Family for removing organic deposits & Noxol Family for washing out inorganic deposits.
  • As much as practically possible, sample of deposits is obtained for analysis & lap experiments to decide the proper chemical to solve it as well as the technique to be followed. When sample is out of reach, process is carefully examined as well as other influencing factors to reach the best estimate of deposit type to deal with it accordingly.
  • In this way, NZ guarantees the success of cleaning operation before start!
  • Other way of cleaning is Mechanically using High pressure Jet pump:

Mechanical Cleaning by Jet Pump up to 3000 Bar used for Piping, Heat Exchangers, Air Cooler Bundles

PSVs Calibration services

NZ is a leading company in valves calibration and maintenance. Our fully computerized test bench, together with a skilled & well trained valve team, lead to the formation of a powerful valve management system. The PSV computerized bench is up to 10inch, 250 bar and for both liquid and gas valves.

The continues monitoring of the pressure during the test, together with the option of counting leakage bubbles, as well as our valve Test/Repair “OS\

HA” certified team, confirm that our valve management system is the most efficient system of valve calibration & maintenance. The test bench can perform Seat and Shell Test for manual valves (gate, Globe and ball valves) up to 36’’.

Scope of Work: –

PSVs Calibration Activities: –

  • Site procedures: –
  • Conduct T.B.T for the working Team
  • Issue the permit for the Job
  • Organize with the process personnel to mechanically de-isolate the valve
  • Vent the valve
  • Perform gas test to assure 0% LEL
  • Using proper tools, start dismantling the valve
  • Using inspected lifting gears, lift the valve on the truck
  • Install blind flanges for the pipe line

Inspection services

  • In addition to consultation services through specialized highly qualified and certified engineers complying with International standards and codes, such as ASME, ASTM, ASNT, API, AWS, ISO, NACE and their standards and recommended applications and practices

Scope of Work: –

Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

  • As a part of static equipment mechanical integrity, NZ provides Risk Based Inspection (RBI) planning services through international software according to codes and standards.
  • The purposes of RBI include:
  • To move away from time-based inspection governed by minimum compliance with rules, regulations and standards for inspection.
  • To apply a strategy of doing what is needed for safeguarding integrity and improving reliability and availability of the unit by planning and executing those inspections that are needed.
  • To provide economic benefits such as fewer inspections, shorter shutdowns, longer run length, and less frequent shutdowns.
  • To safeguard integrity.

Traditional NDT: –

  • Gamma & X-Ray Radiography [RT].
  • Ultrasonic Inspection [UT].
  • Magnetic Particle Testing [MT].
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing [PT].
  • Visual Inspection [VT].
  • Holiday Inspection.
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment [PWHT].
  • Hardness Testing.
  • Positive Alloy Material Identification [PMI].

Nondestructive testing services: –

NZ has all NDT devices and human resources with extensive experience who are capable of performing complex types of Non-Destructive Testing such as:

  • Ultrasonic Testing “UT”.
  • Dye Penetrant Testing “PT”.
  • Magnetic Particle Testing “MT”.
  • Visual Inspection Testing “VT”.
  • Radiographic Testing “RT”.


  • Advanced NDT: –

    • Magnetic Flux Leakage for Tanks [MFL].
    • Pulsed Eddy Current [PEC].
    • Long Range Ultrasonic Testing [LRUT].
    • Phased Array and TOFD Ultrasonic Inspection.
    • Tube Inspection – Acoustic Eye, ECT, IRIS, RFET & MFL.
    • Vacuum Box Testing.
    • Cobra Scan.

Manpower supply services

Our business is about people. Our personnel are our true and most valuable asset. Our motivated workforce is our passport to success. We have vast experience, channels, & world wide database for provision of National/Expats Technical Specialists. We firmly believe that valuing our employees and taking care of them are cornerstones for cultivating a corporate culture of performance and excellence.

. Performance excellence, driven by dedication and motivation, is a pre-requisite for achieving and exceeding customer satisfaction, creating stakeholder value, and meeting future customer demands and needs. We have achieved a stunning success in the establishment of a mutual win-win working relationship with multiple foreign Agencies for immediate sourcing/identification of needed workers.

Scope of Work: –

Technical Support Strategy:

  • Provide high-quality and in-depth services to our clients at the right economic value. The experienced and high qualified personnel are one of the main assets and means to fulfill our client requests.
  • Expand our base of specialized and professional staff of all disciplines.
  • Maintain at all times the highest professional standards. Complete confidentiality is maintained in the relationship with client and the candidate.
  • Assure of the satisfaction & safety of our personnel as they are NZ representative(s).
  • Apply NZ policy in parallel with the client needs & personnel requirements.
  • Scope of Services: –

    Simply stated, NZ Professional Services exist to ensure your success.

    A cadre of highly qualified and experienced engineers, technicians, trainers and consultants provide the means to success. These NZ professionals, many of whom possess both industry and technical expertise, are able to guide you through all phases of your projects.

    Since success is always defined on our customers’ terms, we have carefully laid out the following strategies back up with our existing resources and comprehensive understanding of the recruitment process:

    • We have a team of well trained and efficient staff to handle all aspect of manpower mobilization, screening, documentation and recruitment.
    • Our workers who are recommended for possible employment are carefully screened and tested. All credentials submitted by applicants are properly crossed, checked and verified.
    • Providing our employees with the opportunities to develop and advance commerce and information technology to continuously develop a competitive advantage in the delivery of our services.
    • Speed up development of high-level quality workspace and continuously improve our processes to increase our productivity.

    We regularly Update our data bank into various segments ranging from Junior Management to Senior Management level depending on Qualification, Experience, Age, etc.

    NZ have highly competent professionals who have had several years of extensive experience in screening qualified applicant

Internal Audit

With a view to strengthen the effectiveness of internal control, risk management and corporate governance procedures, to ascertain the integrity of company’s operations and reporting and to ensure the compliance with the requirement of statutory authorities and Capital Market Authority, etc., NZ has set-up an independent Internal Audit Unit, reporting directly to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors

Internal Audit function is expected provide to the company an independent, objective assurance and consulting services using a disciplined systematic approach, guided by a philosophy of adding value to improve the operations of NZ.

The broad scope of Internal Audit includes: Review and evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control systems at various operations and activities and to determine if these controls need to be strengthened;

  • Review of the means of safeguarding resources/ assets and, examining that the resources are acquired economically, used efficiently and safeguarded adequately.
  • Identifying opportunities for cost savings and making recommendations improving cost efficiencies.
  • Review of the application and effectiveness of risk management procedures and risk assessment methodologies at various operations and activities
  • Review of operations or programs to ascertain whether results are consistent with established objectives and goals and whether the operations or programs are being carried out as planned.
  • Review of the reliability and integrity of accounting records and financial reports and financial and operating information furnished to the management and to the outside agencies,
  • Review of the systems established to ensure compliance with statutory laws and regulations and with corporate policies, plans and procedures.

 In order to ensure its independent and effective working, Internal Audit has been granted free and unrestricted access to the Chairman and to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors and to any and all of company’s records, physical properties, and personnel relevant to any function under review.

Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Division

One of the core units of NZ business is its Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Division. With the resources and knowledge to undertake a wide range of projects of different sizes at varied locations, we are poised to become the leader in the Civil Engineering industry.

Our Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Division provides:

  • Construction Services and maintenance for Roads.
  • Construction Services (residential, commercial and industrial)
  • Drainage and Sewerage Construction Services
  • Maintenance, Repairs and Extension Services
  • Water-proofing Services
  • Foundation Strengthening Services

As well as our experience has been built by working with clients from the government sector to clients from the oil & gas industries. Added to this, a thorough knowledge and understanding of construction and labor laws in the Sultanate, makes us a formidable player in the Civil Engineering industry.


The division also, undertakes, large scale Operation & Maintenance projects in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure of Universities & Hospitals.
  • Sewage Treatment Plants.
  • Water Treatment Plants.
  • Power Stations.
  • Power distribution networks.
  • Water Supply networks.
  • Sewage networks.



We continue to build semi-permanent camps and site facilities, sub-stations accommodation blocks, multi-stored residential buildings, control rooms, administration buildings, sheds and warehouses, and commercial buildings.

Several of our building projects are in remote places and therefore, require strong logistical support to avoid delays in the completion dates.

Business Development & Tendering

NZ continues to be the prime choice in Iraq developmental process as the most sought-after EPC and Construction partner. The Business Development and Tendering Unit plays a vital role in maintaining this position.

With clientele spread across almost all the Ministries and Government Departments including leading Oil Exploration and Production Companies in Iraq the need to liaise and understand project specific needs is one of the major responsibilities for the Business Development Unit.

The Business Development & Tendering Unit also plays the crucial role in keeping the Management informed on future projects. The Unit also has the responsibility to locate joint-venture or consortium partners in projects where such associations are necessary or advantageous.

The Tendering Unit has the responsibility to ensure that success is maintained in tenders submitted for the Company. The Tendering Unit also referred to as the Central Commercial Services Unit looks after the tender preparation and submission for all the Operating Units. The CCS Unit uses specialized software where necessary to support the tendering efforts.

The Business Development and Tendering Unit is responsible to see that where NZ strategic policies are addressed at all times. It is important that we maintain a sustainable growth while maintaining satisfaction level for all stakeholders.


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